Monday, January 25, 2010

Eastern Airlines Flight 401 Tribute Group Is Advised of Their Aircraft N310EA Flight Engineers "Engine Bleed" Contorl Panel Located In Germany

Shown is an exect close up of the identification of the flight engineers panel which shows N310EA serial number clearly shown is "1011" with an Oct 30th 1972 Lockheed inspection sticker
Shown is a complete L-1011 Flight Engineers Control Panel from a British Airways L-1011 Simulator from aircraft "G-BBGQ". The yellow arrow shows the proper location inwhich the "Engine Bleed Control" off N310EA would be located within the overall Flight Engineers Panel layout
Shown is an identification tag on the back of the Engine Bleed control panel with the serial number from aircraft N310EA "aircraft serial number 1011". Also present is a yellowish-orange circular sticker which shows an inspection date of 30th October 1972, two month before the ill fated flight of 401 on 29th December 1972

An aviation treasure to the folks at the Eastern Airlines Flight 401 Tribute Group. Shown is the Flight Engineers "Engine Bleed Control Panel" that was original to N310EA, salvage from the crash and found its way onto N318EA, which in 1996 was scrapped in Northern Germany and saved by Mr. Peter Trapkowski

Miami, Florida 25th January 2010: We at the Eastern Airlines Flight 401 Tribute wish to thank Mr. Peter Trapkowski from Germany for sending these wonderful photographs and to learn that a piece of N310EA cockpit has survived after all these years. The Eastern Airlines Flight 401 Tribute Group had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Trapkowski at the recent Miami Airliner Collectibles Show, which was held on Saturday 16th January 2010.
That is where the Eastern Airline Flight 401 Tribute Group learned of Peter extraordinary piece of history from their aircraft.
Peter advised that the above panel which was salvaged from N310EA was installed and placed onto aircraft N318EA for Eastern Airlines fleet use. Peter as an avid admirer of the Lockheed L-1011 was able to save this amazing piece of history off aircraft N318EA when the aircraft in 1996 was parted out in Northern Germany.


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  2. By the way, most airlines store the wreckage for years while lawyers process cases. Does anyone have any idea where the wreckage was stored?

  3. Why would Eastern salvage a panel that was in stock at the factory in 1972? Was there really a shortage on parts? What documentation trails it to N318EA?

  4. the l-1011 was new at the time and spare parts were hard to come by. recertifying serviceable parts was and still is a common practice

  5. I don't think that part came from N310EA and here is why...the L-1011 involved in flight 401 was delivered to Eastern in August of 1972. Those inspection stickers were attached to parts when they arrived at the Palmdale factory from the many suppliers. Replacement parts didn't carry that sticker. I know this because my grandfather was the chief engineer of the L-1011 and prior to his death, he explained the logistics chain to me. The dates do not line up for this part being on N310EA.

  6. As N310EA was already in service in October of 1972, there is no chance of this part being factory installed on N310EA.