Monday, January 25, 2010

Eastern Airlines Flight 401 Tribute Group U.K. Representative Mr. Nick Bavington Travled to London and Visited a British Airways L-1011 Simulator

The offical Lockheed logo for the Tri-Star L-1011 aircraft
Shown in all its detail is the Flight Engineers Panel of an L-1011 cockpit. This was the crew station in which Flight Engineer Don Repo manned and operated on the night of the crash
A clear detailed view of the First Officer control column and instrumentation. On the left side you could see the landing gear control panel with the gear lever and indicator lights
A total front view of the British Airways L-1011 "G-BBGQ" simulator which shows the center pedestal, throttle controls and both control columns, which were the subject for N310EA autopilot "Altitude Hold" being knock out when the pilot column was bumped by Captain Loft

London, England 2nd January 2010: Have taken an hour drive on the motorway from his home, Eastern Airlines Flight 401 Tribute Group U.K. Representative, Mr. Nick Bavington traveled to London to visit the Royal Air Force Museum. Nick is an instrumental and valued asset and member to the group, as he has helped forge links and communication with another Lockheed L-1011 group within the United Kingdom, as we refer to the Royal Air Force 216th Squadron who operate the L-1011 in an in-flight fuel tanker role.
The above pictures were provided by Nick when he visited the RAF Museum and had a chance to view the former British Airways L-1011 flight simulator.

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