Friday, January 8, 2010

Eastern Airline Flight 401 Tribute Group Lectures to Aircrews at Coast Guard Air Station Miami

A grateful audience gives a standing ovation to the member of the Eastern Airlines Flight 401 Tribute as they concluded their one hour presentation on their experience on that faithful night on 29th December 1972 and what their lost gave to the gain of the aviation community and the flying public
The audience at the U.S. Coast Guard 2010 Safety Stand Up consisted of Coast Guard, Local, State and Federal Aviation Law Enforcement aircrews

Eastern Airlines Support Member Benny Benitez speaks to the audience and informs them of the technical attribute of the L-1011 / N310EA

Captain Richard Kenin, Coast Guard Air Station Miami Commanding Office speaks with Ron Infantino, surviving passenger Eastern Airlines Flight 401 prior to speaking to an audience of over 200 U.S. Coast Guard and Law Enforcement aircrew at the Station Safety Stand Up event
U.S. Coast Guard Aviator Lt. Donvan Burns speaks with Mercy Ruiz about here experience during the post crash of Flight 401

Back in 1972, Coast Guard Air Station Miami main Rotary platform was the Sikorsky HH-52 "Sea Guard" now should the call ever again come to rescue passenger from a stricken crashed commercial aircraft within the Everglades, the Station is equipped with the state of art EADS Dauphin HH-65 Rescue Helicopter
Aside of the Air Station Rotary wing capability, Coast Guard Air Station Miami is equipped with the Dassualt HH-25U Falcon Jet. The HU-25 are numbered as they will soon be replaced by the Casa 235 twin engine Turbo Prop aircraft to be called by the Coast Guard as the HC-114

Miami, Florida 5th January 2010: In what is being consider the culmination of a solid year of working and building the Eastern Airline Flight 401 Tribute Group, the had a proud high light in being invited by Captain Kenin, the Commanding Officer of Coast Guard Air Station Miami to lecture of their post crash experience to his aircrews and visiting Federal, State and Local law enforcement aircrews.
This marked the 4th public presentation that Eastern Airlines Flight 401 Tribute Group has done to share and inform the public about the industry changing crash of 29th December 1972 since their focused efforts started a year ago to the date.
Aside from Captain Kenin, the Eastern Airlines Flight 401 Tribute Group would wish to thank the following U.S. Coast Guard Flight Safety Office at Coast Guard Air Stattion Miami who made the event possible in working with them to hone the presentation to the most added value to their crews. We at the Eastern Airlines Flight 401 Tribute Group extended our thanks and a "Bravo Zulu" to LCDR Daniel Duetermann, Lt. Paul Lalicata and Lt. Aron Ortenzio whose efforts and coordination made the event possible.

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