Friday, January 8, 2010

Eastern Airlines Flight 401 Tribute Group Meets Captain Al Haynes United Airlines Flt 232 Sioux City Iowa 1989 DC-10 N1819U Crash

Captain Al Haynes speaks with USCG Lieutenants Paul Lalicata and Aaron Ortenzio Both Lt. Lalicata and Ortenzio act as Coast Guard Airstation Miami Rotary and Fixed Wing Flight Safety Officers
Captain Al Haynes enjoys a laugh with EAL 401 Flight Attendants Beverly Raposa (center) and Mercy Ruiz, as they share the special bond of surviving the crash of a widebody commercial aircraft
United Airlines Flight 232 Captain Al Haynes greets EAL Flt 401 Flight Attendant Mercy Ruiz, as EAL Flt 401 surviving passenger looks on
The Start of CRM and the ultimate in CRM, as Captain Al Haynes from UAL Flt 232 warmly greets Ron Infantino, surviving passenger from EAL Flt 401, as Captain Richard Kenin, Commanding Officer of Coast Guard Air Station Miami looks on and who was responsible for bringing these two men together

Miami, Florida 5th January 2010: In a twist of event in the scheduling of attending speakers at the Coast Guard Air Station Miami annual "Safety Stand-Up" The member of Eastern Airlines Flight 401 Tribute Group "The Heritage of CRM" had the honor to meet Captain Al Haynes, the pilot in command of the 1989 United Airlines Flight 232, DC-10, N1819U, Souix City Iowa crash.
In what to date is consider the "Ultimate in CRM" Eastern 401 Tribute Group members all had the pleasure and opportunity to meet Captain Al Haynes. In sharing their experience on is amazed as to the difference between both crashes. Basically, the whole knew that United Flt 232 was in trouble and that the outcome into Souix City was highly probable of a crash. The forewarning had an army of rescuers awaiting the aircraft pretty much like a baseball catcher awaiting for his pitcher to throw the ball right into his glove. Also back on the aircraft Captain Al Haynes has the advantage of CRM long learned and taught since it inception back in 1973 after the NASA post EAL Flt 401 crash report.
Turn the clock back seventeen (17) years and Eastern Flight had no one positive thing going for them as with United 232. No day light!, No awaiting rescuers, No on board cabin flashlights, No alerted crews to CRM and the list goes on and on and yet with us today are our friend and colleague who make up the group and advocate the important of CRM.
The above picture captures the moment with Ron Infantino, survivor of EAL Flt 401 greeting for the first time Captain Al Haynes of UAL Flt 232, CRM come full circle.
A worth note to be made as special thanks goes out to Captain Richard Kenin, Commanding Officer of Coast Guard Air Station Miami who made this event in aviation possible! Bravo Zulu!

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