Thursday, March 12, 2009

Research of Eastern Airlines Lockheed L-1011 Fleet in 2009

Photo Credit / Acknowledgment to Alexa Conway, Eastern Alley
Miami, Florida 12th March 2009: In our constant research concerning the subject of Flight 401 1972 crash, we have gotten many queries as to the current disposition of the Eastern Airlines, Lockheed L-1011 fleet. Calling upon an industry contact a gentlemen who has a tremendous knowledge of scrapping commercial aircraft and who is an authority on this subject, we contacted Mr. Doug Scroggins of Scroggins Aviation, who specializes in parting out / scrapping large commercial aircraft worldwide. Cross checking our research with Scroggins Aviation, we have found the actual status of the first ten Eastern L-1011 fleet.
Tail Number S/N Status as of 2009
N301EA s/n-1002 Sold to Int'l Air Lease 3/ 89 (as 3/09 Scrapped)
N302EA s/n-1003 Sold to Delta 3/91 N781DL (as of 3/09 Scrapped)
N303EA s/n-1004 Sold to Int'l Air Lease 4/89 (as of 3/09 Scrapped)
N304EA s/n-1005 Sold to Aviation Sales Co. 1/84 (as 3/09 Scrapped)
N305EA s/n-1006 Sold to Delta 12/91 (as of 3/09 Scrapped)
N306EA s/n-1007 Sold to Aviation Sales Co. 1/84 (as of 3/09 Scrapped)
N307EA s/n-1008 Sold to LTU Germany 11/75 D-AERO, Subsequently sold back to Lockheed 4/77 N22679, sold again to LTU 2/97; sold back to Eastern 12/80 and leased back until 3/81; re registered N371EA; sold to Aviation Sales Co. 1/84 (as of 3/09 Scrapped)
N308EA s/n-1009 Sold to Delta 8/91 N783DL (Used on the TV Show LOST)
N309EA s/n-1010 Leased to TWA from 30th April to October 1973 and sold to First Chicago Leasing Corp. 10/88 (as of 3/09 Scrapped)
N310EA s/n-1011 Crashed Dec 29th 1972 (Eastern Airlines only L-1011 Lost )
As we continued our research, we shall seek to establish the status of the rest of the Eastern Airlines L-1011 fleet and post our finding in future articles within our blogspot. Should anyone have any information in which my enhance our research, please feel free to contact us at group email at

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