Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Eastern Airlines Flight 401 Tribute Group Establishes a U.K. Chapter

Rugby Warwickshire, England 19th March 2009: The Miami, Florida based Eastern Airlines Flight 401 Tribute Group through the assistance and coordination by and between Benny Benitez and Beverly Rasposa has resulted in the establishment of the first International Chapter in United Kingdom. Mr. Nick Bavington has been appointed to head up the Eastern Airlines Flight 401 Tribute Group-U.K.
Mr. Bavington has displayed and expressed a great deal of enthusiasm and willingness to help in expanding the presence of the group. With a large enthusiastic aviation / plane spotter community in the U.K., its a great realm to expand into concerning the awareness of flight 401.
This marks the group first world wide expansion as its promotes the cause, remembrance and the legacy of flight 401 onto the world stage. One of the missions in which Mr. Bavington will undertake, shall be to establish lines of communication with the Royal Air Force Squadron 216th based at Royal Air Force Station Brize Norton. The 216th still flys and shall continue to fly the Lockheed L-1011 until 2015 in the tanker / transport role.
One goal to hopefully reach, would be to invite the 216 to dispatch one of their L-1011's to the United States so as to hopefully attend this year Homestead Air Reserve Base airshow scheduled for the weekend of November 7th 2009.
The flight 401 group wishes to seek to have an L-1011 operator such the 216th to be an operational supporter and with Mr, Bavington being stationed close to RAF Brize Norton that is an important goal for the group to achieve.

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