Monday, January 25, 2010

Eastern Airlines Flight 401 Tribute Group U.K. Representative Mr. Nick Bavington Travled to London and Visited a British Airways L-1011 Simulator

The offical Lockheed logo for the Tri-Star L-1011 aircraft
Shown in all its detail is the Flight Engineers Panel of an L-1011 cockpit. This was the crew station in which Flight Engineer Don Repo manned and operated on the night of the crash
A clear detailed view of the First Officer control column and instrumentation. On the left side you could see the landing gear control panel with the gear lever and indicator lights
A total front view of the British Airways L-1011 "G-BBGQ" simulator which shows the center pedestal, throttle controls and both control columns, which were the subject for N310EA autopilot "Altitude Hold" being knock out when the pilot column was bumped by Captain Loft

London, England 2nd January 2010: Have taken an hour drive on the motorway from his home, Eastern Airlines Flight 401 Tribute Group U.K. Representative, Mr. Nick Bavington traveled to London to visit the Royal Air Force Museum. Nick is an instrumental and valued asset and member to the group, as he has helped forge links and communication with another Lockheed L-1011 group within the United Kingdom, as we refer to the Royal Air Force 216th Squadron who operate the L-1011 in an in-flight fuel tanker role.
The above pictures were provided by Nick when he visited the RAF Museum and had a chance to view the former British Airways L-1011 flight simulator.

Eastern Airlines Flight 401 Tribute Group Is Advised of Their Aircraft N310EA Flight Engineers "Engine Bleed" Contorl Panel Located In Germany

Shown is an exect close up of the identification of the flight engineers panel which shows N310EA serial number clearly shown is "1011" with an Oct 30th 1972 Lockheed inspection sticker
Shown is a complete L-1011 Flight Engineers Control Panel from a British Airways L-1011 Simulator from aircraft "G-BBGQ". The yellow arrow shows the proper location inwhich the "Engine Bleed Control" off N310EA would be located within the overall Flight Engineers Panel layout
Shown is an identification tag on the back of the Engine Bleed control panel with the serial number from aircraft N310EA "aircraft serial number 1011". Also present is a yellowish-orange circular sticker which shows an inspection date of 30th October 1972, two month before the ill fated flight of 401 on 29th December 1972

An aviation treasure to the folks at the Eastern Airlines Flight 401 Tribute Group. Shown is the Flight Engineers "Engine Bleed Control Panel" that was original to N310EA, salvage from the crash and found its way onto N318EA, which in 1996 was scrapped in Northern Germany and saved by Mr. Peter Trapkowski

Miami, Florida 25th January 2010: We at the Eastern Airlines Flight 401 Tribute wish to thank Mr. Peter Trapkowski from Germany for sending these wonderful photographs and to learn that a piece of N310EA cockpit has survived after all these years. The Eastern Airlines Flight 401 Tribute Group had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Trapkowski at the recent Miami Airliner Collectibles Show, which was held on Saturday 16th January 2010.
That is where the Eastern Airline Flight 401 Tribute Group learned of Peter extraordinary piece of history from their aircraft.
Peter advised that the above panel which was salvaged from N310EA was installed and placed onto aircraft N318EA for Eastern Airlines fleet use. Peter as an avid admirer of the Lockheed L-1011 was able to save this amazing piece of history off aircraft N318EA when the aircraft in 1996 was parted out in Northern Germany.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Royal Marine Insurance Group of Miami, Florida Assist The Eastern Airlines Flight 401 Tribute Group To Reach Out Onto The African Continent

Shown is Catherine Smallwood support member and aviation artist for the Eastern Airlines Flight 401 Tribute Group with Mr. Jose Bello of Royal Marine Insurance Group a major aviation and marine insurance provider in South Florida
Mr. Jose Bello is shown holding a digital rendering of aircraft N310EA which contains the signatures of the surviving members that make up the Eastern Airlines Flight 401 Tribute Group and of which is being hand delivered by Mr. Bello to Mr. Mamadou Jaye, who was a former Eastern Airlines flight crew member and the Chief Executive Officer of Ceiba Intercontinental S.A., an ATR-72 operator based in Equatorial Guinea in Africa

Doral, Florida 18th January 2010: In a first ever for the Eastern Airlines Flight 401 Tribute, their presence is being personally hand carrier onto the African Continent, particularly into the African nation of Equatorial Guinea. This amazing feat and the assistance to accomplish it is being done by our friends at Royal Marine Insurance Group (RMIG) of Miami, Florida. Headed up by Mrs. Kareen Miller, herself a former Eastern Airline employee, RIMG is a power house aviation and marine insurance company which commands a large market share within South Florida and holds a Global footprint within the industry.

Mr. Jose Bello the Aviation Insurance expert at (RMIG) also a former Eastern Airlines employee is scheduled to travel to Equatorial Guinea on business. He is scheduled to meet with Mr. Mamadou Jaye the Chief Executive Officer of Cebia Intercontinental, S.A., the national airline of Equatorial Guinea. Mr. Jaye, also happens to be a former Eastern Airlines flight crew member and we at the Eastern Flight 401 Tribute Group understands that Mr. Jaye still holds a special place within his heart for Eastern Airlines. Through the gracious efforts of (RMIG) and Jose Bello, the Eastern Airlines Flight 401 Tribute Group, hopes to reach out to Mr. Jaye and Cebia Intercontinental, S.A. an ATR-72 operator for possible support and sponsorship.

The one of a kind survivor signed art print in which Mr. Jaye at Ceiba Intercontinental shall receive will place Mr. Jaye within the ranks with other top aviation professionals who have been honored by the group for their help through the rendering of N310EA, one such recipient is Captain Al Haynes from United Airlines Flight 232 Sioux City, Iowa 1989 crash, the ultimate in Crew Resource Management. This marks the continued global growth of awareness toward the Eastern Airlines Flight 401 Tribute Group. We looked forward to Jose report and photographs from Equatorial Guinea when he meets with Ceiba Intercontinental, S.A.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Eastern Flight 401 Tribute Group Attends and Speaks at The 2010 Miami Airliner Collectible Show and Conference

Visitors to the Eastern Airline Flight 401 Tribute Group are grabbed and riveted by the story being told. Shown is a well known and respected world aviation consultant, former Cathay Pacific B747-400 / B777 line pilot and Chairman of InterFlight Consultant Group (IFG) (center) Mr. Oscar Gracia. Oscar is accompany by his Son and Wife who runs and operate a successful Miami based aviation art gallery
Surviving Flight Attendant Beverly Raposa shares her story with the new generation of aviation enthusiast and very well a future airline / aviation professional. The Eastern Airline Flight 401 story is one that has not age boundary for their audience of interest, both young and old
Catherine Smallwood engages in conversation with Mr. Robert Christensen of AIRLINERS Magazine who like the Eastern Flight 401 is also Miami based. AIRLINERS Magazine interest in the history of the crash of Eastern 401 could possibility lead to a series of informative articles within the industry established publication
Support group member Catherine Smallwood speaks with Kevin Doran and briefs Kevin the December 29th 2009 "NBC Today Show" news airing of the Flight 401 Story.

Miami, Florida 16th January 2010: Despite the cold snap that besieged Miami since the start of the New Year, finally warmer weather prevailed and made for a great day for enthusiast, historians and fans of commercial aviation, airliners and aircraft's to come out and enjoy the 2010 Miami Airliner Collectibles Show and Conference presented and organized by Air72.
This event adds to the Eastern Airlines Flight 401 Tribute Group second speaking /presentation engagement so far this year. To date, this event marks a milestone in the group effort, as it marks the group fifth public event in reaching out to the aviation community, so as to be known for the effort that is being put forth, so as to establish a memorial to the lost of Eastern Flight 401.
The group as always made a profound presence and impact to those who met with them at their presentation table, as well as to the rows of the seated audience at their main presentation later that night. As always, the attending public, both young and old, seasoned aviation profession or enthusiast are captured by the story of Flight 401.
As the story is told by the surviving members of the Eastern Flight 401 Tribute Group and the myths and stories that have wrapped this event in commercial aviation are dismissed and the facts are brought forth, the public is both amazed and touched by the power that is the human spirit. The Eastern Airlines Flight 401 Tribute Group would like to extend a special thanks and recognition to Mr and Mrs Chuck Padolsky of Naples, Florida for the generous contribution.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Benefits From Eastern Airlines Flight 401 Crash Resonates Through Out The Industry 37 Years Later As Evident With American Airlines Flight 331 Crash

The remaining hulk of what was once aircraft N977AN s/n 29550, as it rest inside a hangar in Jamaica awaiting final scrap disposition by Underwriters The difference of a mere few more yard who have resulted in the aircraft going into the surf and possibility resulting in death, as then passenger would have had to deal with the crash, darkness and water entry
The forward section of aircraft N977AN rest on a transport lorry, the plane classified a total lost by Aviation Insurance Underwriters
Notice the cured poor measure in which Kingston airport had employed from keeping an aircraft from skidding into the surf at the end of the runway, as evident by the yellow barriers, similar to the D-Day beach obstacle planned by Rommel. The above barrier would result in slicing up a passing fuselage.
Miami, Florida 11th January 2010: 6 days to the date of the 37 anniversary of Eastern Airlines Flight 401 crash into the dark Everglades on 29th December 1972, passenger onboard American Airlines Flight 331 from Miami, Florida to Kingston, Jamaica crashed on a rain soaked runway during the night of 23rd December 2009.
As evident from the above photographs the aircraft a Boeing 737-800, bearing U.S. Registration N977AN, with manufacture serial number 29550, delivered to American Airlines 8 years ago broke up upon crash landing with 140 souls onboard.
But unlike Eastern Airlines Flight 401 the American Airline Cabin crew had one attribute that aided in all souls getting out alive! American 331 flight attendants had cabin flashlights to aid in guiding and seeking the passengers a luxury not afforded to Eastern Airline Flight 401 cabin crew members like Beverly Raposa, Mercy Ruiz and Patty McQuigg on that fateful night.
Aside from establishing Crew Resource Management "CRM" within the industry, the crash of Eastern Airlines 401 also gave and put forth cabin crew emergency flashlights into the passenger cabins.
So next time you fly on a commercial flight anywhere in the world and you glance over at the cabin crew seating stations and see the wall mounted flashlights thank all of those who died and those survived as your chances to survive an evacuation of a dark cabin was in part to Eastern Airlines Flight 401.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Eastern Airlines Flight 401 Tribute Group Presents Captain Richard Kenin USCG & Captain Al Haynes With N310EA Survivor Signed Prints

Eastern Airlines Flight 401 Ron Infantino makes a few remarks and comments as he speaks about the significant of the special art work rendered to both Captain Kenin and Captain Haynes
Shown with Coast Guard Air Station Miami, Florida Commanding Office, Captain Richard Kenin are Eastern Airlines Flight 401 Tribute Group Support Members Benny Benitez and Catherine Smallwood, who presented Captain Kenin with a survivor signed 16 X 20 digital print of Eastern L-1011, N310EA created by Catherine Smallwood and the Digital Aircraft Factory
Eastern Airlines Flight 401 Tribute Group Support Member Catherine Smallwood presents here creation of Eastern Airlines L-1011 N310EA to Captain Al Haynes in appreciation for the "Ultimate" application of CRM
The start CRM started with the crash of EAL L-1011, N310EA and the Ultimate in CRM with UAL Flt 232 DC-10, N1819U is the Eastern Airlines Flight 401 Tribute Group shown with Captain Al Haynes of United Airlines Flight 232 accompany by an official of the local Civil Air Patrol

Miami, Florida 5th January 2010: In appreciation for their consideration and time, the Eastern Airlines Flight 401 Tribute Group presented both Captain Richard Kenin, Commanding Officer of Coast Guard Air Station Miami and Captain Al Haynes of United Airlines Flight 232 with survivor signed prints of Flight 401 aircraft, Eastern L-1011, N310EA.

The art work was digitally created by the Digital Aircraft Factory a subsidiary of the Miami based 94th AeroClaims-Aviation Consultant Group. Under the technical and creative leadership of Digital Aircraft Factory Chief Aviation Artist Catherine Smallwood, N310EA was created down to its last detail utilizing Hollywood grade special effect software commonly seen in today movies to create the impossible.

Both Captain Kenin and Captain Haynes were pleased with such a special gift that commemorated the event.

Eastern Airlines Flight 401 The Start of CRM, United Airlines Flight 232 The Ultimate In CRM

The survivors of Eastern Airlines Flight 401 shown from left to right: Ron Infantino (surviving passenger), Patty McQuigg, Mercy Ruiz and Beverly Raposa (surviving flight attendants) with Captain Al Haynes of United Airlines Flight 232
Eastern Airlines Flight 401, L-1011, N310EA crashed on 29th December 1972, the crash that established Crew Resourse Management (CRM) and established an industry standard
United Airlines Flight 232, DC-10, N1819U crashed on 19th July 1989, the ultimate application In Crew Resource Management (CRM) that resulted in 185 surviving the crash from a total passenger and crew compliment of 296 souls
Miami, Florida 5th January 2010: The ability of the Eastern Airlines Flight 401 Tribute to have spoken about their experience to the air and ground crews at the 2010 Coast Guard Air Station Miami Safety Stand Up was owed to the consideration and kindness of Captain Richard Kenin Commanding Officer of U.S. Coast Guard Air Station Miami.

This opportunity gave the Eastern Airline Flight 401 Tribute Group the chance to meet an aviation professional who benefited from the lost of Eastern 401. On 19th July 1989 while acting as pilot in command of United Airlines DC-10, N1819U as flight 232 Captain Al Haynes and his crew were able to have 111 passengers from 296 onboard when the stricken aircraft crashed into Sioux City Iowa after sustaining a catastrophic number uncontained engine failure.

As the motto invokes, Eastern Airlines Flight 401 The Heritage of CRM, Captain Al Haynes on 19th July 1989, while pilot in command of N1819U on Flight 232 became the ultimate in applying what was started by the lost of Eastern Flight 401, Crew Resource Management.

Ironically, these two aviation lost established what could be called the commencement of CRM in the lost of Eastern 401 and the ultimate in CRM with United 232.

Eastern Airlines Flight 401 Tribute Group Meets Captain Al Haynes United Airlines Flt 232 Sioux City Iowa 1989 DC-10 N1819U Crash

Captain Al Haynes speaks with USCG Lieutenants Paul Lalicata and Aaron Ortenzio Both Lt. Lalicata and Ortenzio act as Coast Guard Airstation Miami Rotary and Fixed Wing Flight Safety Officers
Captain Al Haynes enjoys a laugh with EAL 401 Flight Attendants Beverly Raposa (center) and Mercy Ruiz, as they share the special bond of surviving the crash of a widebody commercial aircraft
United Airlines Flight 232 Captain Al Haynes greets EAL Flt 401 Flight Attendant Mercy Ruiz, as EAL Flt 401 surviving passenger looks on
The Start of CRM and the ultimate in CRM, as Captain Al Haynes from UAL Flt 232 warmly greets Ron Infantino, surviving passenger from EAL Flt 401, as Captain Richard Kenin, Commanding Officer of Coast Guard Air Station Miami looks on and who was responsible for bringing these two men together

Miami, Florida 5th January 2010: In a twist of event in the scheduling of attending speakers at the Coast Guard Air Station Miami annual "Safety Stand-Up" The member of Eastern Airlines Flight 401 Tribute Group "The Heritage of CRM" had the honor to meet Captain Al Haynes, the pilot in command of the 1989 United Airlines Flight 232, DC-10, N1819U, Souix City Iowa crash.
In what to date is consider the "Ultimate in CRM" Eastern 401 Tribute Group members all had the pleasure and opportunity to meet Captain Al Haynes. In sharing their experience on is amazed as to the difference between both crashes. Basically, the whole knew that United Flt 232 was in trouble and that the outcome into Souix City was highly probable of a crash. The forewarning had an army of rescuers awaiting the aircraft pretty much like a baseball catcher awaiting for his pitcher to throw the ball right into his glove. Also back on the aircraft Captain Al Haynes has the advantage of CRM long learned and taught since it inception back in 1973 after the NASA post EAL Flt 401 crash report.
Turn the clock back seventeen (17) years and Eastern Flight had no one positive thing going for them as with United 232. No day light!, No awaiting rescuers, No on board cabin flashlights, No alerted crews to CRM and the list goes on and on and yet with us today are our friend and colleague who make up the group and advocate the important of CRM.
The above picture captures the moment with Ron Infantino, survivor of EAL Flt 401 greeting for the first time Captain Al Haynes of UAL Flt 232, CRM come full circle.
A worth note to be made as special thanks goes out to Captain Richard Kenin, Commanding Officer of Coast Guard Air Station Miami who made this event in aviation possible! Bravo Zulu!

Eastern Airline Flight 401 Tribute Group Lectures to Aircrews at Coast Guard Air Station Miami

A grateful audience gives a standing ovation to the member of the Eastern Airlines Flight 401 Tribute as they concluded their one hour presentation on their experience on that faithful night on 29th December 1972 and what their lost gave to the gain of the aviation community and the flying public
The audience at the U.S. Coast Guard 2010 Safety Stand Up consisted of Coast Guard, Local, State and Federal Aviation Law Enforcement aircrews

Eastern Airlines Support Member Benny Benitez speaks to the audience and informs them of the technical attribute of the L-1011 / N310EA

Captain Richard Kenin, Coast Guard Air Station Miami Commanding Office speaks with Ron Infantino, surviving passenger Eastern Airlines Flight 401 prior to speaking to an audience of over 200 U.S. Coast Guard and Law Enforcement aircrew at the Station Safety Stand Up event
U.S. Coast Guard Aviator Lt. Donvan Burns speaks with Mercy Ruiz about here experience during the post crash of Flight 401

Back in 1972, Coast Guard Air Station Miami main Rotary platform was the Sikorsky HH-52 "Sea Guard" now should the call ever again come to rescue passenger from a stricken crashed commercial aircraft within the Everglades, the Station is equipped with the state of art EADS Dauphin HH-65 Rescue Helicopter
Aside of the Air Station Rotary wing capability, Coast Guard Air Station Miami is equipped with the Dassualt HH-25U Falcon Jet. The HU-25 are numbered as they will soon be replaced by the Casa 235 twin engine Turbo Prop aircraft to be called by the Coast Guard as the HC-114

Miami, Florida 5th January 2010: In what is being consider the culmination of a solid year of working and building the Eastern Airline Flight 401 Tribute Group, the had a proud high light in being invited by Captain Kenin, the Commanding Officer of Coast Guard Air Station Miami to lecture of their post crash experience to his aircrews and visiting Federal, State and Local law enforcement aircrews.
This marked the 4th public presentation that Eastern Airlines Flight 401 Tribute Group has done to share and inform the public about the industry changing crash of 29th December 1972 since their focused efforts started a year ago to the date.
Aside from Captain Kenin, the Eastern Airlines Flight 401 Tribute Group would wish to thank the following U.S. Coast Guard Flight Safety Office at Coast Guard Air Stattion Miami who made the event possible in working with them to hone the presentation to the most added value to their crews. We at the Eastern Airlines Flight 401 Tribute Group extended our thanks and a "Bravo Zulu" to LCDR Daniel Duetermann, Lt. Paul Lalicata and Lt. Aron Ortenzio whose efforts and coordination made the event possible.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Eastern Airline Flight 401 Tribute Group with More TV Appearances

Airing about two weeks before our 37th Anniversary, northern Florida was treated to a three part series by Cristina Xuarez, finishing her final year at University of Florida in Gainesville. As one of her final stories before graduation with honors, she came to Florida and spent time with us and even traveled to the site of the accident with us by airboat to get footage for her stories.

The stories originally aired the week ending December 19 and are now available as part of the online archive of WUFT News. Cristina is an outstanding reporter and did a great job putting together these news packages about the group and our goals and we appreciate the time and effort she put into them to help get our story out.

Click Here to watch the three part series on Eastern Flight 401 by Cristina Xuarez!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Eastern Airlines Flight 401 Tribute Group Memorial

The recent news buzz about the group has created a lot of interest in having some images of how the 401 Tribute will look once completed. To this end we are posting some renderings of the 401 Tribute that is proposed to be constructed in the Everglades and will be available to visit by airboat and visible from aircraft overflying the site.The design of the structure is by Brockhouse Associates PA here in Miami Florida, with the renderings by Digital Aircraft Factory, also headquartered here in Miami, FL.

The three renderings show how the basic design would appear and changes that we come up with can be added in the future. We are currently working on a re-design of the smaller mini-museum and images will be shown as soon as they are available. Additional views of the Everglades site will also be available as they are completed.

We would like to personally thank all of our donors for their help and support to make this possible and we request any help we can get in making these Tributes come to life.

Thank you all!