Sunday, July 26, 2009

Eastern Airlines Flight 401 Tribute Group Attends the Airliners International 2009 in Orlando, Florida

Honorary Eastern Flight 401 Tribute Group Member Benny Benitez speaks with a former Eastern Airline First Officer who flew with Captain Loft, they discuss Crew Resource Management (CRM)
Honorary Eastern Flight 401 Tribute Group member Catherine Smallwood speaks with a former Pan American Airways Flight Attendant. Catherine explains the piece of aircraft wreckage being displayed, as the visitor closely inspects the recovered panel cover
Surviving Eastern Flight 401 Flight Attendant explains here post crash experience and her location with one of many interested visitors to the display table who had many questions about surviving an aircraft crash
Surviving passenger Ron Infantino explains his seating position within the cabin of Flight 401 just prior to impact as a visitor closely listens in shear amazement to learn that the aircraft was totally destroyed

A passing visitor poses for a group photo showing from left to right Ron Infantino (Surviving Passenger), Patty McQuigg (Surviving Flight Attendant) Honorary Support Members Benny Benitez and Catherine Smallwood next to Beverly Raposa (Surviving Flight Attendant)

Orlando, Florida July 23rd-25th 2009:

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