Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Eastern Airlines Flight 401 Tribute Group Makes National News

Yesterday was exciting for the Eastern Flight 401 Tribute Group. With a huge thank you to Luisa Yanez of the Miami Herald, the word about our gathering to mark the 37th Anniversary of the crash yesterday went from a simple plan to get together and share with locals and to spend time together finishing the day with a nice dinner with our family and friends turned into a wonderful surprise as suddenly we found ourselves in the spotlight with both national attention from the NBC Today Show to many local news outlets including stories in the Miami Herald, Sun-Sentinel and on several TV stations including the local Fox Station WSVN and the NBC affiliate here, NBC Miami. Below are links to the stories and videos of our day yesterday.

Today Show:
NBC Miami:

Newspaper Articles
Miami Herald:
Sun Sentinel:,0,533536.story

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  1. Hi,
    I saw the news clip the 29th. I was one of the Ambulance drivers that was first on the scene the night of the crash. I was off and getting ready to climb into bed when I saw the news flash the night of the crash. My attendant was working so I just hopped p and headed to work. I picked him up and we drove out to the 40 mile bend and out the levy to the site. We help pull 2 survivors and then drove out the other end of the levy down Hollywood blvd to Memorial Hospital. Almost burned up the Caddy getting there. We were working for Randle Eastern Ambulance while we were in school.
    If we would have known about the meeting we would have been there. Karl is now physician living in Ocala and I am a pharmacist and still live in S Fl.
    Please contact me if there is another get together. Stuart Whiteman