Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Eastern Airlines Flight 401 Tribute Group on NBC's Today Show

Wow, what a day today has been! A call came into our group this morning at PI Bagels in Ft Lauderdale from NBC News, they wanted to know if they could send a group up to meet and interview us for the Today Show! It came as a wonderful surprise to us and we had a wonderful time speaking with them this morning.

So, all of you who would like to see us on TV, we will be on the Today Show on Tuesday, Dec 30, 2009 sometime between 7AM and 9AM. We hope you'll all tune in and watch! Thanks to all of you who have come out today so far to see us and we look forward to seeing more of you this evening at the 94th AeroSquadron here in Miami as we continue remembering that fateful day, 37 years ago.

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